- Medical exams

- Laboratory tests

- Methadone maintenance therapy

- Out-patient dosage monitoring

- R.N. supervision

- Education on infectious disease control       HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B and C, TB, and              other infectious diseases

- Electrocardiogram


- Individual, family and group counseling
- Education on methadone treatment   and its advantages
- Information and referrals
- Employment leads
- Goal setting
- Social development
- Shower facilities
- Limited clothes closet
- Group meeting


Opioid Maintenance Therapy (OMT)
The use of methadone to treat opioid (painkillers and heroin) dependency
has been rigorously researched and documented to be the most effective
treatment for narcotic adiction. Methadone is a legal medication produced
by licensed and approved pharmaceutical companies. Methadone treatment
prevents opioid withdrawal symptoms, reduces the craving for opioids,
stablizes the patient, reduces the abuse of other drugs like cocaine and

A New Mind is a Methadone and Suboxone clinic providing medication-assisted treatment and counseling services.

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